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A dream I had...

Behind the cut.

Dream: My time as a Doctor Who extra.

In the dream, I was the same age I am now. I started out watching a Doctor Who DVD, but that didn't last long. I noticed a very familiar looking little girl in the episode, as well as a good deal of deja vu. I don't remember what the episode was about, only that it had Sarah Jane Smith and the Fourth Doctor, and apparently a child version of me.

As I 'watched', I was cringing a whole lot at young-me's performance, and slipping into memory. I could remember that I was walking down a street in one scene, and going too fast - probably overexcited - and the Doctor and Sarah Jane had to go faster to keep up, and then I started to run, thinking it must be a chase scene or something, I don't know. In the dream, I was incredibly embarrassed about that.

The really weird thing is, I knew, in the dream, that I wasn't that age when Sarah Jane Smith and the Doctor were travelling together, I don't think I was even born until after Four left, and that discrepancy puzzled me, times not matching up in a show about time travel, heh. So, I went on imdb (still in the dream) and found my name listed with a surname I didn't have until after the original series was actually over (my ex-stepfather's surname) which just raised even more questions.

It was about that point that I woke up. I'm pretty sure I knew it was a dream pretty early on, and by the end I was actively trying to rationalise it within the dream, if only to keep dreaming. I suppose that's lucid dreaming, of a sort?

The weird thing is, I haven't actually watched much Fourth Doctor in a while. I'd been checking out some of the episodes involving Fifth, Seventh, and Eleventh, and thinking, 'hey, these guys aren't so bad.' I think my subconscious was trying to tell me that Four was best. Heh.

Because apparently I have nowhere else to really put this stuff. It's behind a cut at least, so, yeah.


May. 25th, 2010 11:32 am (UTC)
Hmm. I suppose that makes sense... I have been very excited about my growing DVD collection -- classic Doctor Who is what I'm collecting at the moment.

But using the computer in the dream was what brought me out of the dream, woke me up, and I recall not wanting to wake up.

The next night, the same again. I had a dream that I came into some money somehow -- that part wasn't important -- and I had bought a lavish house, and invited my grandmother (who I know is not well) to live with me. We watched TV. Apart from the lavish house, it was a very mundane sort of dream.

It was nice, and again I didn't want to wake up, but sometimes I feel like I'm getting ripped off. Other people dream about things like flying and whatnot, and I get internet and TV. If I wanted those, I wouldn't be sleeping.

Still, it's a dream I hope I have again. I don't see my grandmother much any more, not since I moved back here.