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Interlude: Stuffed Knit Elephant

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In unrelated news, the yarn I have ordered from overseas, for the scarf, has arrived. I plan to find the best colour matches once I'm finished with the Mark I scarf.

Mark I Scarf: The Continuation

Plugging away at my apparently half backwards scarf anyway, I'll figure out what to do with it when I get halfway. Leaning towards just continuing onwards, and trying to ignore that both the colours and the pattern are wrong.

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Rereading the pattern, and I come across this line: The following pattern starts at the bottom left and ends on the bottom right.

Guess where I started?


Top left.



No photo today (scarf update: almost twice as long as the previous photo) but I have now ordered in a few recommended colours from overseas.

* Red - Nashua "Julia" (0178 - "Harvest Spice")
* Purple - Nashua "Julia" (4345 - "Coleus")
* Gray - Nashua "Julia" (0122 - "Steel Grey")
* Beige - Nashua "Creative Focus Superwash" (10 - "Taupe")
* Brown - Rowan "Pure Wool DK" (016)
* Green - Lion "Cotton Ease" (125 - "Hazelnut")
* Yellow - Patons "Classic Wool Merino" (00204 - "Old Gold")

I plan to find the best locally available matches, which I realise is just matching to colours that were matched to the scarf, so another step removed from the actual colours, but this lot - one ball of each - cost me nearly $150 including postage, so, yeah. I can sacrifice a little accuracy in this case.

I'm still here...

Not so much with the writing lately, but I've been keeping busy. Learning new skills, taking up new hobbies, fun stuff like that.

For example, knitting.

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NaNoWriMo Widgets - 2008

A couple of progress report widgets... The first seems to update more than the others. (Posted as December 01 to keep them on top.)




(Lots of red now... Raised my goal to 60,000 after winning, thought I should update these widgets to reflect that.)

Now that November is over, I've rehosted the now static images to my photobucket, so they won't disappear when the NaNoWriMo site resets next year.


My victory is complete!

NaNoWriMo: Victory!

I have 50,000 words.

That is all.