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List of Classic Doctor Who Stories

What the title says. Very boring, for my own reference more than anything. Behind a LJ cut for length, obviously.

I've been adding little notes for some stories, similarities to other stories, things that stood out, thoughts about the Doctor involved, and so on. ...and some minor ranting.

So. Here's the list. Pretend I put something witty here.Collapse )

NaNoWriMo Widgets - 2011


NaNoWriMo Widgets - 2010

Nov 2011 update: I forgot to save these to photobucket, whoops. (I was sure I did it last December.)


What took me so long?

Spiderweb Software recently released details about their next project, and I realised I never actually finished Geneforge 5. I decided to have a proper sit down and play, finally.

I played it loyal (allied with the Shapers) for a change, and actually found the experience far more satisfying than earlier attempts to play as a rebel. For one thing, I actually made it through the whole game this time.

Hmm. I'm actually curious to see what the rebel win is like, now. I suppose that means it's time to start over already.


New Userpics

I was bored, so I had a tweak of my scarf userpic, and made another Doctor Who related one.

Since I'll probably go and change them again at some point, here they are, uploaded to photobucket:

Scarf Doctor Who

If anyone likes them, feel free to grab them. Credit or don't, I don't mind. Neither took very long to make.

A dream I had...

Behind the cut.

Dream: My time as a Doctor Who extra.Collapse )

Because apparently I have nowhere else to really put this stuff. It's behind a cut at least, so, yeah.

No, I have not forgotten the scarf...

...I am steadfastly ignoring the scarf. It's too short. End of story.

Instead, have this dream one of my NaNoWriMo characters just had:

1,494 words of dream, behind the cut.Collapse )

By the way, my novel so far? 10,124 words by the end of day 4, huzzah.

Mark I: Halfway

Mark I: Progress Picture

Scarf picture behind this cut.Collapse )

That's it. Not much to say today. Scarf, woo.